'Shetland Voyage' Wrap in Pure Shetland Wool: Natural White, Natural Black, Mooskit & Yell Sound Blue

Collection: Shetland Voyage
Dimensions/size: 182 x 76 cm

This luxurious Shetland wrap is knitted in soft natural colours set off by bands of Yell Sound Blue, a beautiful greeny-blue with sunny flecks of yellow.

The wrap features a deep, deep border of traditional Fair Isle pattern in natural white, natural black and mooskit (natural taupe). This is offset by our gentle wave pattern knitted in natural white and Yell Sound Blue. A wide band in the centre of the wrap is knitted in subtle one-and-one 'birdseye' pattern. Rows of 'peeries' (small traditional linking patterns) in Yell Sound Blue and natural white define the central band and echo the border patterning.

You can use it as a wrap, a giant scarf or a lap throw, for travel, going out and for snuggling down at home.air!

This wrap is knitted in pure Shetland wool from Jamiesons of Shetland. Natural white, natural black and mooskit are natural colours of the fleece of Shetland sheep.  Yell Sound Blue is on of Jamieson's most lovely colour blends.

The design is inspired by a fisherman's kep held in the Shetland Museum & Archives.

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