A Gentlemanly Style

For some time now we've been admiring the suave style of Grey Fox, that inspirational writer on fashion for gentlemen over forty.  Otherwise known as David Evans, Grey Fox is renowned for his widely respected blog in which he champions high quality British brands and impeccable style.  He has also written for The Guardian and other online and print media.

We recently asked him to do a photoshoot of our scarves.  On photoshoots he works with stylist Sarah Gilfillan who runs SartoriaLab, a style consultancy for men, and photographer Nick Maroudias.  It has truly been a pleasure working with them.  A few of the shots are shown below.  Others are included in the Grey Fox article on our scarves.


Fern & Cross pure lambswool scarf in ebony, fawn & blue

Dice Birdseye lambswool scarf in charcoal, zinc & lilac

Gansey Diamond cashmere scarf in ebony & umber

All Diamonds cashmere scarf in black & cygnet grey

The Sea & the Stars lambswool scarf in navy & ultramarine

All Diamonds cashmere scarf in black & cygnet grey

  Grey Fox Blog


 Nick Maroudias

  Grey Fox article on our scarves